FAQ for Action Parties at your place

Can you entertain at a wedding, Christening, Bat/Bar Mitzvah’s or corporate function?

We have successfully entertained at many corporate events and weddings – all we need is a room, an electric plug point and an adult to supervise.

How far in advance do we need to book an Action Kid party?

Action Kid parties are so popular that it’s best to book as far in advance as you can to ensure you get the date you want.

Can we have a joint party with another family?

Yes, by all means you can – but parties over 25 children may need two entertainers. Please call to discuss your requirements and to get a quote.

Should we hire a bouncy castle or provide other activities?

At an Action Kid party the children won’t have time to do anything else as they’ll be so involved in the action but always a good option for additional entertainment.

We cannot allow Bouncy Castles inside Action Studios but we have outdoor power for a small castle that can be placed besides the cubby house.

What can I expect at an Action Kids Party?

All our parties are a fast-paced extravaganza – involving music, singing, dancing, actions, rhymes, games and fun. Our parties follow the Adele’s Action Kids session format but in a unique way to make the birthday child feel really special. We do not have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach – Each party is unique and tailored especially for the age of the child and the things they like best. Every party involves a selection of props specially selected for the age of the child. Here are some of the things you can expect – depending on the age of your child:

      •    Under 3s – Nursery rhymes, favourite TV theme-tunes, props, bubbles, parachute
      •    4-5 year olds – Pop music, parachute games, sports activities, races, traditional party games
      •    Our Most Requested Party Games – Ice Princess or ABBA Karaoke, Parachute Games, Musical Statues, Musical Bumps, Limbo, Disco Dancing Competitions

What party suggestions do you have?

Our unique blend of non-stop fun, games and interaction keep all the children hooked during the party. We do have a few other suggestions of things that work really well after the birthday tea:

      •    Treasure Hunt- All children enjoy a Chocolate Coin treasure hunt. You supply the ‘treasure’ and we’ll do the rest.
      •    Piñata – Piñata (is a papier-mâché animal filled with goodies that kids tie-up to a tree (or similar) so that it swings. Put on a blind-fold, get dizzy and smack it with a stick so that ‘treats’ fall out. Children of all ages enjoy hitting a Piñata. Don’t forget to string it up before your guests arrive and have something blunt to hit it with.
    •    Pass the Parcel

If you have a large group you might need to have two going at the same time.

Disco Dancing or Karaoke Dancing and singing is always a big hit (especially with the girls) after the birthday tea.

Can I have a themed party (e.g. fancy dress)?

We like fancy dress parties but suggest your guests avoid high heels as Action Kid parties involve the children being really active. When you book your party do let us know what your theme is or what the birthday child likes. We have theme-tunes for most of the popular children’s TV programmes, if required, and if it’s a pirate party we can suggest things like a treasure hunt to make the party really special.

How long does it take you to set up?

Action Kid parties are very interactive and you’ll be amazed at the amount of fun equipment we bring with us. It also helps if we can unload as close to the party venue as possible. Please allow 15-20 minutes for us to set-up before your party starts.

What do I need to provide?

Action Kid parties are easy. You only need to provide three things:
1.    An area big enough for all the children at the party to move around safely.
2.    A plug point for our music.
3.    The children!

How many children should I invite to the party?

This depends on the age of your child, most parties for the under 2s tend to be small so as not to overwhelm the birthday boy or girl. The older the child gets, the more friends they have and many school aged children like to invite their whole class. Our inclusive prices are for a maximum of 25 children. Contact us for a quote and to discuss your requirements if you intend having more than 25 children at the party.

Should I book a room or hall or have the party at home?

Action Kids parties need enough space for all the children at the party to be able to move around safely. The older the children, the more space you will need, as Action Kid parties are full of action! If your home doesn’t have a lot of floor space and you have lots of precious thing around you’ll relax and enjoy it more if it’s in a bigger venue away from your home. Booking a hall always takes the pressure of relying on the weather for a backyard party away. Adele is always hesitant to take a booking for an outside area without a wet weather contingency plan.

What do I need to do to book and Action Kid Party?

Call or email Adele. Please try to book as far in advance as possible, especially Sunday mornings.

FAQ For Action Classes and Fizzical Fun Classes

Do I need to book in advance to attend an Action Kids class?

All Action Kids classes are ‘Pay You Go’ , Check out timetable for class

What ages are Action Kids suitable for?

Action Kids classes are appropriate for children ages 9mhs to 5 Yrs.(Unless specified on the timetable) Classes are structured to challenge the older children whist stimulating the younger ones.

What should my child wear whilst attending Action Kids Classes?

Children should wear comfortable, unrestricting clothes. Classes are high energy and encourage children to move around a lot. Some children love to wear here favourite tutu or action hero outfit. Anything goes but non slip shoes are an essential.

Do I need to participate in the class activities with my child?

Not all adults have the confidence or the energy to jump around like Adele. Children often feel more comfortable and confident if their parent / carer interacts with them during the class. Full participation is not necessary but help with the parachute is required.

Can Children eat or drink during the class?

Eating & Drinking is not encouraged but children tend to become very thirsty during their high energy workout! All Action Kid Classes are NUTS, SULTANA & RAISIN FREE ZONES.

We also request:

No Eggs

No Strawberries

No Peanut Butter

No Squishy Food