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Why ellaslist Adores Adele and her Action Kids Classes

Have you met Adele yet? She is the dynamo of the East and if you haven’t yet tried her Action Kids class, let me tell you, you and your kids are missing out!


I first saw Adele in action when my eldest daughter was just over a year old. She was entertaining at a private child’s party and I remember being blown away by her bubbly energy. Let’s face it, most people would coil into a petrified ball if they faced the prospect of entertaining a room full of rambunctious toddlers. But Adele loves it! You can see it on her face and in the way she interacts with the children. She is passionate about what she does. And the kids adore her right back.

My Favourite Things About Action Kids:

They’re Pop-in

What I love about the Action Kids classes is that they are pop-in. That’s right – no commitment, no need to sign up for a term and no money flushing down the drain everytime you miss a class because your child is sick. Whether it’s raining, boiling hot or you just need a high-paced activity for your little energizer bunny, then Action Kids is perfect.

Great for One; Amazing for Multiples

I have three kids under 5 – including twins – so there are very few classes I can do with my lot. But Action Kids is always top of my list as they all love the dancing, props and music plus the venue is secure and best of all they have a great lunchtime nap after expelling all that energy.


The classes are also very well-priced. With many activities charging $20 per child, taking three kids to a class can break the bank. But Adele has made Action Kids affordable – only charging $15 per child and $5 for any additional siblings. So it works out to be only $25 if I take all three – Bonus!

Parents Can Sit Back or Get Involved

Parent participation is optional. Many of the mums and dads love Action Kids as they can take a bit of a back-seat and let Adele and the kids have all the fizzical fun. I personally love getting involved and I enjoy getting in the middle of all the action and dancing it up with my kids – even though in most cases, my little ones are too busy partying it up to even know I’m there. But either option is absolutely fine and Adele gives attention to each and every kid so they all feel involved.

Action Kids Classes

Action Kids offer two types of classes:

  • The classic Action music and movement classes which take place in Bondi Junction
  • Fizzical Fun Classes, which also incorporate soft play, games and craft into the classes. The latter is held at the fantastic Action Studios in Alexandria.

What To Expect

The Action Class is one hour of non-stop energy with Adele (or her trusty side-kicks) leading the kids on a fabulously fun dance and musical adventure. Along the way, the kids gets to play with bouncy balls, bean bags, soft animals (such as frogs and monkeys), bubbles and hats. The accessories change from class to class – one time the kids are acting out “galoomph went the little green frog” with froggie puppets and the next time (and my daughters ultimate favourite), the kids were given bunny ear head bands to help accessorise a hopping song. There is always enough props for everyone, which prevents any ‘that’s mine’ kiddie tension.

Learning Through Fun

What is so brilliant about these classes is that the kids are learning all the time and they don’t even realise it. They learn to pack away, they are taught about colours, about shapes, and animal sounds and get to hone their co-ordination.
The class ends with parachute time and the kids get to lie underneath it and enjoy some rainbow chill-time as well as sit on top of it while the parents take them for a roundabout ride. Such fun!

And then the musical instruments and fancy hats come out and the kids can bang on drums, shake their shakers and generally make a racket until it’s time to go home.

Party it Up

Action Kids also run and host parties. They can come to you and provide an action-packed fast-paced extravaganza tailored to what the birthday boy or girl wants. You can also hire Action Studios and have your party there, with entertainment all included. You’ll work closely with Adele who will organise a dream celebration for your child.

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